星期三, 三月 11, 2009

Love - Fantasy & Reality

Love, nowadays attacking almost all of human being on Earth. Girlfriend boyfriend's love, family's love, friendship's love etc.. I think if i list out, will be very long, so i just state out cases or situations that mostly ppl speak or can understand, Couple's Love. (i think this part you all want to know more right??)

Love divides into 2 main categories, fantasy and reality. Fantasy, mostly point to primary or secondary students. Don't be shock, even 12-year-old boy or girl know what is love, i think me last time also din so early mature or think about this... hahaha... Why i say fantasy is mostly point to primary and secondary student? This all i can prove from experience or what i look at nowadays small kids. They choose couple can be say as roughly choose, doesn't know whether the couple treat them good or not. Maybe starting good lar, but after certain time? who knows.. Maybe after the boy get the girl's "first time", the girl will be dump or clash. Or if this things never happen also, the girl or boy might be in fantasy life. Everything is for her bf or his gf. Sometimes don't hv anything except her bf or his gf. This, got 2 effects only. Good effect and side effect. Good effect - they both maybe will always meet and study together, push their results up. Side effect, a lot sad cases will appear in between both of them.

For reality part, mostly for university's students and working employee and employers. In this category, mostly they want to find the other half to be partner for whole life if can. Maybe you can see your friends keep change partners, but this not just play play, because they already know what is their responsibility to their partners. Maybe sometimes will appear those romantics stuff or what, but, most of them know how to control themselves, maybe some of them still play play, but not all.

Fantasy and reality, two situation that seldom appear together. But in love, this two situation sometimes will appear together. Want to know what situation or condition? I sure you know more than me. Hahaha...

For my advise, don't only stay in fantasy world, coz this maybe will change the way of your thinking, once a while is ok... And, try to face the reality of love in this world, and maybe you will discover more than what you want to gain...

For next episode, i plan to write others style to love or being love... do drop me an idea and i'll try to write out in next episode...

星期二, 三月 10, 2009


Seems long time no update blog with those stupid title already.. but from ppl's demand, now i try to express my word in english, (although i'm very noob in my english).

The title that ppl ask me to write down, is Love.

According to wikipedia, Love is any of a number of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection and attachment. The word love can refer to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from generic pleasure to intense interpersonal attraction.

Just now is the description from wiki, now below here is from my view of angle.

Love, is one kind of expression, that maybe you like someone or something most, and maybe sometimes you willing to do anything to obtain, achieve or protect him/her or it. Some ppl may say love is just a toy that God give to us as human being, but this is totally incorrect. This is because, not only human know how to love, but animals also know. A mother of cat loves her kittens, willing to do anything and everything to protect her kittens from outsider's attack.

Love, is a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness.

Love, is not that just say " I Love you" " You Love Me" like that only. If just come out from mouth, that is not call true love. A true love friends or couple, willing to do anything to you, and even sometimes don't want you to know or realize what is happen. A true love is giving out without hoping for returns. A true love is willing to do anything and everything at the border of capability, and without thinking worth or not.

Some ppl says that love is blind. Why? Because love will make you into deep deep trouble. What trouble? This depends on what is your situation. Some may good, some may bad, some may worst. Why i say so? Good, will make you do your things more effective and efficient. Bad, you will always hope for him/her attraction or maybe somebody call it, get him/her attention. Worst, you maybe do things beyond the border of safety, that maybe will affect or ruins your whole life. Why like this? This maybe their couple ask them to do for both of their goods.

As an example, a boy maybe will defend all his girlfriend's crime, to show the love to her. A lot of ppl call this love. But i call this, STUPID!!! A love no need to do until this level, if do until this level, means he got a bit short circuit in brain, or maybe he totally no brain, or he had been cheated by the girl. The case can be opposite, or maybe more ridiculous. But don't be shock, coz really got such ridiculous case in this world.

As my opinion, the word "Love", is see how you want to express or translate it. Nobody can know much further except yourself. It is all depends on you own.

How is my translation? All ppl wanna know? Let it be in next articles, coming soon.

This article will be continue, and at that time, i try to tell out or put out how to love correctly, not just love blindly without any direction or motto.

To be continue.......

星期二, 三月 03, 2009

FYP Part 2

so long i din update my blog, now onli update..

now busy with FYP part 2... really not a joke... everything u learn, will be use in this project..
as for me, i learn machining, design, a little bit programming... all now used in my project.. sometimes still knock wall.. dunno how to continue it...

dunno should regret or lucky take this title.. last time when ppl ask me about FYP and i tell them, some of them starring at me, see whether i can do it or not... some shock see i take this title... some... dunno got any expression...

but really hope i can finish it on time n achieve targets and missions.. so that i can prove to lecturers, not only electronic students know how to do circuit, but mechanical also ROXXX!!!!!

星期二, 十一月 04, 2008

Walking to new way...

Seems like i long time no update blog. Sorry coz last time quite busy with FYP presentation, final exam etc.. now is the time waiting result out.. but dunno, the feel oso same like last time - scary =.=!!!

You see my title, sure feel very weird. Why i wrote such stupid title. But i now really slowly making turn of my life way. Slowly expose myself to my family business. I dunno how you all will look at me. Maybe u all will say i hv no big dream. Maybe, coz i just wanna pass through simple lifestyle, finish study, work, work, sleep at nite, and maybe 95% decrement of entertainment. I think a lot ppl feel wanna create job or create own successful, but it is all same. After finish degree, find work, den maybe jump to other company for better job or salary, then work for increment in salary n promotion, till certain level and keep work till retired.
But, you can create your own working field, which will not be tie from other person. So, what for tie yourself to the condition if you able to create own achievement.
I dunwan talk so much, later no more employee in this world and full with leader, then i really become killer in economy. Hahaha... I try to post up regulary, but dun hope too much. Maybe only when the mood come. Hahaha..

星期四, 七月 24, 2008

Midterm Exam and Midterm Break Planning

Now, already week 6. Next week is week 7, which means midterm exam coming soon. I know next week i got 3 paper to go, but till now only study 1 subject, i also dunno whether i can finish it or not. sigh...

3 midterm paper in role, i never do it before. In such condition, i should continue study, but why i still update this boring topic. I also dunno, maybe ppl said my blog too little script. I try upload it by using english lor. Maybe english easier to write down normal feeling, but if wan describe some special event or memorials, i feel gonna use chinese better. Wahahahaha...

1 week more, midterm break coming. But i din plan to enjoy whole week, coz i need to find something for my FYP things, such as sensor, pinion and gear. No choice, mechanical student, FYP need to me related to mechanical also. Hope my structure come out meet my requirement, without any failure. But now no more " ang kong " with me, all "ang kong" run away ady, so all things need to stand on my own.

9th - 11th August, MMU 9th convocation. A lot of my friends, including u, will graduate that time. At here, i with my greatest regards, wish you all Happy Graduation, and also Good Luck in your Future. Wish i also can finish my degree on my schedule, which 1 year late from original schedule.

Last but not least, Good Luck to all my friends. Stay keep in touch, and don't forget, if wanna throw "red bomb", need to look good timing, don't throw on my exam week, wahahahhahaa...



this is the word of all final year student.. "FYP progress how??" "done research??" I also dunno what my progress till now. Count finalize design already, but really not yet satisfied.

What my title? "Automated Storage & Retrieval System"
Know what is that? err... maybe know. But, i really slap myself d. Last time i told myself, don't take any automated title, but now, i also dunno why i go take this title. Maybe i don't have any choice already bah. Hope can complete within schedule, not campus schedule, but is my own schedule. I really hope i can make out a good FMS (Factory Management System) which maybe i can implement in my shop or anywhere. I'll try update my FYP progress in my blog.

Maybe some of u will feel weird, previously my script all in Chinese, but now in English. This is because FYP things, i really dunno how to write in Chinese. If really write in Chinese, then i really took wrong course, i should go study on Chinese Literature... Wahahaha..

Lastly, hope my FYP can be done on schedule, although now i feel is behind schedule already.
GOD bless all of my friends who taking FYP now.

星期一, 六月 30, 2008

大学的回忆 - 第二篇



第一年,什么都不知道,只好慢慢的适应这边的环境。在这边,认识很多新朋友。Andrew, Stephen, Sheng Lin, K Vynn, Nai Tung, Allen, Christ;这些都是我的同屋朋友。然后,在日语学会,认识更多。Danny, Luis, Wee Li, Marcus, Nicole,Boon Siew, Jeannette, Anne, Weedy, Kaixuan, Jason, Yen Ching 还有很多,如果写下去,会感觉爆满。